“On Not Writing” by Bill Hayes

I found this an interesting explanation of the writing process. I have used the analogy of a “reading muscle”when encouraging inexperienced readers, i.e. the more you use it the easier it becomes. This is a much more scientific explanation applied to our “writing muscles”
Thanks to Lalien Cilliers

Lalien Cilliers

"Silence" by Johann Heinrich Füssli “Silence” by Johann Heinrich Füssli

Have you ever found yourself in the deep end of “not writing”?

Have a look at this great blog post by Bill Hayes in The New York Times:    “On Not Writing”

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3 thoughts on ““On Not Writing” by Bill Hayes

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a good overview and reminder of basic principles that are sometime logical in one area of life, but a blind spot in another, as physical fitness principles to writing principles. I’ve instinctively followed that 2-to-1 principle, probably having applied the time management principle of 60/40. I took notes on the article, and will apply them!


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