Change of view

Hi there,If you’ve visited this blog before you may have noticed a few changes. The blog title has changed, for one thing and I’ve revamped its look with a new theme and header picture. Instead of this :

I’ve got this:

And I’ve changed the title to Write in the village. I suppose you’ve guessed it, I’ve relocated. Twice in eighteen months!!!

Eighteen months ago I moved from my riverside home on the estuary, up into the town, and I mean RIGHT IN TOWN!! And I hated it! It was a sensible move, it was convenient and one has to adjust to circumstances. It meant that I was closer to my family and able to carry out my Grandmotherly duties! This was actually a pleasure and a bonus and certainly got me fit.I didn’t realise how claustrophobic it can be to live in the town. I missed the big skies and being able to see the weather coming. I missed dawn and sunsets over a distant horizon. I missed space and fresh air.


You may notice that I haven’t written anything on this blog for eighteen months either. I’m afraid to say that I haven’t written much at all, just some stuff in notebooks which I’ve been meaning to work on. So the good news is that I’m back.

I’ve moved to the country, I’ve got my space and my big skies back and I love it.