@marilyn_hannan: Vital checks on breast cancer services are under threat. Sign the petition to save them #spreadtheword @BCCampaign http://t.co/PoKQz1joLB



Save our local breast cancer service checks

As you know if you have visited this blog before, I am  staunch supporter of the fight against cancer, having had a little skirmish with it myself.
I’ve just signed a petition to make sure that the 12,000 women still dying from breast cancer every year are not forgotten and that action is taken for all women with breast cancer. The process used by the NHS to regularly check on the safety and quality of local breast cancer services is under threat of being cut. I want to make sure these important checks continue so that women with breast cancer get the best possible local care. It would be great if you could join in too; it only takes a minute to sign the petitition

Sign the petition below to ask NHS England to save this vital programme.

The petition text:

Dear Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England

We’re very concerned that the future of the Cancer Peer Review Programme in England is under threat. We urge you to commit to protecting this vital programme and to ensuring that it continues to cover cancer, including breast cancer. Increasing numbers of women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and too many women are dying from this disease. It’s vital that the programme is maintained and routine checks on local breast cancer services continue so that all women receive the high standard of care they deserve.

Sign the petition here http://action.breastcancercampaign.org/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1777&ea.campaign.id=32111&ea.tracking.id=FB_promo4


Please let me know what you think

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