Warning… This post contains pictures of breasts!







Ok folks, I have a little tale to tell, ten years ago I had a very nasty surprise when I towelled off after my shower. I found two small lumps in my right breast, near to my armpit. I had no family history of the disease and of course my first reaction was ” I’m going to die!

In due course, I was informed that I might not die, that the cancer was treatable and that surgery was required. ย “OMG they’re going to cut off my breasts, but at least I might not die”

Thankfully a mastectomy was not necessary because the lumps were near to my armpit, so they carried out a lumpectomy and removed twelve lymph glands. Then came nearly six months of chemo cycles and six weeks of radiotherapy. I remember a radiotherapy nurse flicking my nipple saying “Good that’s crisping up nicely”. Ouch! I lost my hair during the chemo and the experience was surprisingly liberating, you have to remember to wash behind your ears.

So to get to the point of this post, ย I had never had a mammogram before I found my lumps. Fortunately for me, I had visited the Lady McAdden Breast Screening Unit and although, because I was under 50 , they did not give me a mammogram, they did show me how to self-examine, which probably saved my life.

PLEASE examine your breasts regularly, perhaps after every monthly cycle. You need to know what they normally feel like so that you notice any changes. Remind your female friends and family. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so…





Breast Cancer Care are a marvellous charity who are happy to provide information and advice. If you find anything unusual or suspect you might have a lump, see your GP straight away. DONT PUT IT OFF, PLEASE!!!

Things to look out for








12 thoughts on “Warning… This post contains pictures of breasts!

  1. This is a great posting and I’m glad that you identified the problem early on and sought help.

    Oct 1-31, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So remind, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, cousins and all to examine themselves or get a doctors opinion. I have listed the American Cancer Societies link for breast cancer. Again great posting.


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