“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Kriti”- Serial Part 2

Writing 101 Day Seven- contrast and conversation

Episode one

The coast road was very beautiful in the morning sunshine. The road to Rethymnon was quieter now than it would be later in the summer when the tourist season really got under way. Mairelen saluted Zeus, with his beard, as they drove past Mount Giouchas [1] and his profile came into view. Then she turned and surveyed her friend. Zena was wearing well for her age, a couple of silver strands mixed in with the red/black hair and a few more tiny crinkles around  the dark eyes. Deep dark circles round the eyes though.

“How is γιαγιά Julia? and Pαρρού?”

“ Well,you know Julia,  she says ‘Empistosγui sto Theδ!’ and Pαρρούs is researching new treatments and driving her crazy”

“And you?

“Oh étsi óste!” she made the so,so gesture and shrugged.

“I’m glad you’re here, now tell me why you needed to run away”



Mairelen jumped when she heard the car pull into the drive. The garage door opened and the car door slammed. He swore as he tried to get the key in the door.

“Stupid, bastard thing!” the glass in the side window shattered and the door opened and he fell into the hall. She heard him go into the kitchen and take a beer from the fridge. As he moved towards the living room he caught sight of her and his eyes closed into slits of anger. Then he smiled and lunged for her, catching her by the hair and dragging her towards the stairs.

“So, bitch, you thought and you’d get rid of me, did you?” the slap caught her on the left cheek.

“You thought a piece of paper from a judge and a new set of locks would stop me from getting at you, did you? You stupid whore!” the next blow missed her as she twisted to get away and he swore again as his knuckles grazed the wall.

“You are my wife, and will be until I’m finished with you.” She hit her head on the door jamb as he lurched with her towards the bedroom. She knew what was coming next. She stopped protesting. He liked it when she struggled and fought with him, even better when she screamed or cried. She wasn’t going to give him more satisfaction. He was very drunk, and this combined with a few snorts of Charlie, meant that it took a long, long time.

She must have fallen asleep, because when she came awake with a start, she was alone. There was no sound in the house as she crawled to the bathroom and locked the door.

It took her ten minutes to shower,dress and fill a bag. She crept down stairs and peered into the lounge. It was empty. She wondered at the large dark stain on the carpet. It hadn’t been there before. The taxi was waiting at the corner and the driver gave her a disapproving look as she slid into the back seat, trying to hide the evidence of the night’s ordeal.

“Stansted Airport please” she managed through bruised lips.


“I’m not running away, this is a strategic withdrawal. I’ve had enough, you know what they say ‘don’t get mad,get even’ Well next time I see Kris, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. It’ll take him a while to figure out where I am, and by that time I’ll be ready”

“Poly kalo!, about time girl, let me know what you want me to do. I presume you have a plan…”

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4 thoughts on ““Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Kriti”- Serial Part 2

  1. I’ll admit that I didn’t understand the Greek at all in here, but you’ve done enough with the context for me to completely get the entire scenario.

    The strength of this piece, from where I sit, is in the flashback. It’s visceral, even if a bit understated at points (not a bad thing, mind you). It’s clearly seen why Mairelen is running away and the ending has me intrigued as to what she has up her sleeve when Kris finally catches up with her. There are a few instances where you have missed punctuation, but otherwise, this is solid.

    Nice job!


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