For better or for worse? – Serial Part 1


She didn’t expect to be having this sort of adventure at her age. In the books the heroine is usually about twenty five, fit and good looking. But then you had to play the cards that you were dealt she supposed. She had to admit that she’d never been one for doing things in the right order. As her sister had pointed out, you are supposed to finish your education, have a career, find Mr Right, get married and then have kids and settle down. You know, get a mortgage and life insurance, and before you know it you’re a grandmother! Sorted!

Some how though it hadn’t quite worked out that way for Mairellen, and that’s why she is sitting in the departures lounge at Stansted Airort at 05.00 on a wet and gloomy June morning.

She caught sight of herself in the glass partition and flinched. She looked a mess, one side of her face was still swollen and had a blueish yellow tinge, she grabbed her bag and headed for the Ladies. Once there, she did what she could with make up to cover the worst of the damage and then moved to join the queue, as the flight to Heraklion was called.

Zena Patriakos waited anxiously in the small arrival Lounge at Heraklion Airport. Her heart rose as she spotted her old friend struggling through baggage claim and she rushed to help.

“Thank you for coming”

“Believe me, I needed to get away” she touched the side of her face and saw the look of sad disapproval cross her friend’s face,

“What the hell happened to you?

“Domestic” said Mairelen

“What do you mean, domestic, you’re divorced, for Christ’s sake!”

“Not as far as Kris is concerned, in his book, I’m still his property, ‘till death us do part. She shrugged, “this was just a little reminder of that”

They were both quiet as they drove through the town and headed onto the coast road.

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4 thoughts on “For better or for worse? – Serial Part 1

  1. Hi.You have drawn me in. I want to know what happens next.
    There are a few little edits you might want to do, including the punctuation in the speech.
    I’ll write more when I’ve read more 🙂


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