Eureka! The sun has come out

Writing 101 Day 3 Free writing
I am feeling that perhaps I was a bit disloyal to Old Father Thames yesterday when I wished myself away from his wet muddy banks and back in beautiful, sunny Crete. This is because this morning the sun came out! Joy! Oh joy!
I can see why the Ancients worshiped The Sun! They had parties and made magic when the sun did not shine, afraid that the gloom, cold and wet would go on for ever and then had parties and made magic to welcome it back! Definitely sounds like a plan to me.
Modern psychiatrists have given this a name: “seasonal affective disorder” and I don’t know if I’d qualify as a sufferer, but I know that by the end of May, I’m craving sunshine.

Any way to appease my guilt I’ve included two photos to prove that the sun does come out here occasionally and that there are some spectacular sunsets.

Thames Estuary
I Thames Estuary
2011-02-24 17.44.07
Beautiful sunset over the estuary

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