2014-05-04 15.47.41
Thames Estuary
2013-10-12 11.17.26
Rethymno Crete


When I read the Writing 101 challenge for day 2“If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?It was a no-brainer really. As I sit here looking out over a wet and chilly Thames estuary I would love to be back in Crete.It has been raining here for nearly seven months ,on and off and I can count the days when the sun shone.The river has been grey and muddy and even the birds look miserable.

Meanwhile today in Rethymno in western Crete it is a beautiful 26 degrees and the sun is shining.I can imagine it now, sitting on the apartment balcony, watching the sun come up over the mountains. The fishmonger on the corner is washing down the pavement outside his shop and the cleaning ladies in the hotel over the road are silently going about their work before the guests begin to appear. The beach boy is dragging a rough piece of wood, back and forth over the sand, to smooth out the footprints and make all pristine for the new day.  Soon I will go the the cafe on the corner for breakfast and Greek coffee, then I will go and buy fresh fish from Adonis  (a treat in itself- oh that curly hair and huge dark eyes) and bread, vegetable and herbs from Nicky.

Oops, you nearly lost me then. I’m going to put on my wellies and go and get some milk.



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